Y Not a Wall

No, Donald Trump…Mollie Tibbetts isn’t a victim of poor border security.

She didn’t die because there are empty spots in the fence between the United States and Mexico.

She didn’t die because we haven’t built Trump’s racist wall.

An epidemic known as TOXIC MASCULINITY killed Mollie and no round-up of brown people would have stopped it.

She was killed because yet another man decided he didn’t HAVE to take “no” as a complete and finished answer.

She was killed because male privilege allowed her killer to believe that if he wanted her, he could have her.

She was killed because her killer flew into a self-described RAGE when she dismissed his advances and advocated for her own boundaries and autonomy.


Suggesting anything else is a dangerous mistake and only perpetuates racial inaccuracies and prejudices.

Are we to believe that he was brown born on the wrong side of the fence and therefore biologically wired to be a killer?

Mexicans are killers and rapists because they have some invisible chromosome that makes them bloodthirsty for white women?

Are we serious?

How about we go ahead and label that mystery chromosome?

How does “Y” fit?

Brown didn’t make him a killer.

Mexican nationality didn’t make him a killer.

Being a male, incapable of coping with rejection did.

Any man who hasn’t been taught how to control his emotions and his male privilege could have killed Mollie Tibbets.

Regardless of his citizenship, one side or the other of an imaginary line.

Furthermore, if you feel “safer” because we have one more brown man in prison, you are basking in a false sense of security.

Every single day, more males are born in our own country, destined to be raised in a culture of toxic masculinity because we can’t seem to agree that the problem isn’t a missing wall.


Amy Lola Darabos is a mom, author, and Multi-Media Communications Strategist. She currently lives in Midland, MI where she serves as a director of Epic Coalition, an organization she co-founded in 2017. 

In her spare time she enjoys camping, playing with her niece and nephews and wrestling with puppies.

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