Tryin’ To Survive


Ain’t no question

Young ones losing lives

Racial profiling is corrupting

Bringing really dark times

Flippin’ through the news

Another teen dies

From another hate crime

Stats going up high

And that’s the facts

I’m not gonna lie

Bullet holes that can’t close

Blood drippin’ down their back

Mama’s prayin’ and sayin’

Please bring my baby back

Stacks of candles

That light up the skies

Social media trending

It’s tragic how they died

T-shirts sayin’ rest up in the skies

It’s forever your world

I know that it’s cold tryin’ to change the world

Having teens of color live past 20 years old

They say they want change

But stereotypes fall like rain

There’s always one person

To say something insane

They look into my eyes

They see aggression and fight

Why can’t they see a young athlete on the rise

Or a doctor who saves lives

Cause racism is on the high

Unbelievable in everyone’s eyes

But happens on the daily life

They say I’m free

But my brother locked up for the wrong crimes

I’m not gonna lie

It be like that sometimes

If he fits the description

Hoodies in disguise

Walkin’ at night

Drop down on your knees

Hands to the skies

Think of all the genocide

All those lives goin’ back to 1889

Where they used to lynch  people all the time

Colin Kaepernick takes a knee

I take mine

Hold it with pride

Leave the natives helpless

Cold at night


It’s not right

That’s why I keep

A bible by my side

Pray for better nights

As a teen of color

It don’t get so bright

Don’t know if I’m gonna see my future anytime

Ain’t no question

I’m just tryin’ to survive.


KQ- River City High School


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