Blerds, doe? <3

Sometimes, I want to just celebrate/talk about a particular cultural aspect that I love, and in the process, maybe some of you will learn something new. 

So this blog post.. is all about Blerds, baby.

Right now, you might be wondering what the hell a Blerd is, but no worries –  I got you.

Simply put, a Blerd is a Black nerd. 

If you’re surprised that we exist en masse enough to have our own little piece of the Black culture pie, don’t be. Though mainstream nerds have tried to keep us out of the nerdverse, Blerds have been around practically forever.

And this “you all can’t sit at our table” sentiment from nerds, is part of the reason why we said “and? we don’t need to sit at your raggedy-ass table – we have our own shit.” And poof! Blerd culture was born…or so the story goes.

Now, Blerd culture is very different than nerd culture. Like most things we do, we put our own swag on it, and being a Blerd means that you occupy this space that mixes nerd culture with Black art, hip-hop, Black fashion and just general Black culture. If we’re keepin it all the way 100, Blerds make being nerdy cool.

No, I’m not saying that all Blerds are the same or that the “Urkel” type of Blerd doesn’t exist – they do and I stan them too (I  affectionately dub these Bleeks☺ ). But modern Blerds, who bring all of Black culture into this space and have made it something new entirely, are where it’s at. 

Speaking of types of Blerds, I’m shouting ayeeee for the one time, for the hood Blerds. Some of whom only experience the Blerddom by watching Dragonball Z. Y’all have a spot too. 😉

Blerdcon, which as the name suggests is all things Blerdy, is one of the dopest cons. It’s a unique melting pot of the illest Black cosplayers, music, dance, celebrity appearances, gaming, anime, comics, you name it! It’s so, so, Black and oh, so nerdy. 

It’s also very much needed. At Blerdcon, people don’t have to worry about the rampant racism that regular nerdom is saturated with. You won’t find those who spew verbal diarrhea about how Black cosplayers have ruined a particular character due to their black skin.

There won’t be nerds who try to “verify” your nerdiness by asking you fiddyleven random anime questions (ok, if you’re a woman Blerd, you might still get some of this but I digress) or insinuating that you must not have read the manga.

Nor will you see 10-page dissertations on how blackface is okay in the nerdverse (it isn’t, so just don’t).

You will see Black comics, some old and some that you’ve just discovered,  incredible hair that’s been adapted as part of cosplayers costumes and an entire group of happy, relaxed or hella hype, “don’t have to put on or tone down their Blackness” Black folks and it’s lit.

Historically, Blerds have had a hard time entering nerdom because of attempts to actively keep them out but also because we haven’t always had the capital or the proper avenues to participate – but with the age of the internet and social media (seriously tho Blerd memes are THE most hilarious things) membership in the Blerdom is soaring.

Blerds like pretty much all of this same stuff as nerds, but your Dungeons and Dragons game might go a little bit differently. You’re just as likely to have to roll a perception check to see if the innkeeper wants to throw hands, as you are of having a Bard whose melodies coincide with a Dababy song. Regardless, your game is sure to be interesting. 

To all my fellow Blerds out there – Gang, Gang! Or, just as appropriate, Guild, Guild!

janayWhen JanayB isn’t posting memes, scrolling through “wokebook” posts, ordering food and otherwise being your typical millennial, you can find her here destroying white tears and basking in her unapologetic blackness. Get in touch with her at

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