How’s your form?

In “when social media-ing goes wrong news,” you may have heard of the Georgia teens who made the racist Tik Tok Video. If you haven’t, here’s a quick summary: couple makes video of what “Niggers” are made of using different amounts of water. The “ingredients,” if you will, are robbing people, not having a dad, eating watermelon and fried chicken and going to jail; ya know, classic stereotypes.

The teens were subsequently expelled from their high school and at least one of them had their college acceptance rescinded; not before invoking their secret superpower of white tears, of course.

The internet works fast and these two will be dealing with the ramifications of their actions for a hot minute, but what I really want to talk about is how easily (younger)people will propagate racism as long as it’s packaged in a trendy little social media box filled with likes, loves and shares and topped with a “going viral” bow.

Fresh off the heels of the above incident, we have the “how’s my form” Tik Tok challenge. The blueprint for this challenge is to start off with the song Yoga by 645AR, and after a few seconds, the vid will display the words “okay, now that (insert group of people) are here. How’s my form?” After this, the video will cut to what that group pf people are thought to act, look or otherwise be like.

You likely read that and automatically thought about how big the potential for racist bullshit is; but if somehow you’re still unsure, they go a little like this:

1. Yoga Song plays.

2. Usually white but sometimes NB-POC is shown.

3. Sometimes they’ll show something they need help with like say, making fried chicken.

4. The words “Okay, now that Black people are here; how’s my form?” appear.

5. Cue the (unoriginal if I might add) racism, antiblackness and overall aintshitness.

These Tik Toks are made by almost exclusively(white) teenagers, and because of that, you’ll find that a lot of similarly hued adults are bemoaning any backlash that the teens receive; with many teens, like the Georgia couple, having been expelled, dropped from extracurricular groups, fired from jobs and denied college acceptance.

“They’re just kids!”

“It was all a joke.”

“You all are too sensitive.”

“What they did was offensive, but should they really have their whole lives ruined because of a dumb mistake?”

And to answer that last question, yes TF they should. What you’re not going to do, is try to make it seem like these teenagers, not kids but teenagers, were unaware of racism or that what they were doing was racist until after their names and pictures were being shared all over the internet. They wanted to go viral and they got exactly what the hell they wanted.

 They brainstormed, filmed, edited, uploaded and shared the videos. They knew exactly what they were doing, as evidenced by all of their follow-up apology videos and pleas to not “ruin their lives.” They knew and just didn’t care.

Just like they didn’t care, I’m not about to lose a lick of sleep over the lives that they themselves decided to intentionally ruin. And let’s be honest, as much as I would love to have them lie in the bed they made indefinitely; their “ruin” is only temporarily as one Tik Toker pointed out. Because “their parents have the money to make it all go away eventually-unlike the Blacks.” So much for an apology, huh?

Then we have the adults, who will use every excuse and tool in their arsenal, to justify their children’s or random children’s racist actions. Making a whole new generation that grows up benefiting from and using their privilege to shit on others. You wanna talk about how systems and ideas of oppression continue on a micro level? Cause babyyy, this is it.

The point of this post and what so many people fail to realize is that racism, and the way it manifests, is like a living, breathing organism; constantly evolving. And like any smart organism intent of surviving; it adapts as society changes. It finds ways to circumvent new societal ideas and roadblocks. It becomes more subtle when need be, roars loud when it can and utilizes new technology to keep its numbers up.  But I find that if racism isn’t being spoken about in reference to pointy white hats, burned crosses and slavery, then it’s just “not real” to some of y’all. 

The same “y’all” that likes to makes excuses. Thankfully, the excuses are being drowned out by a chorus of Black people saying “this ain’t what you want” before they begin doxxing. *Insert Birdman hand gif.*

And hey, all you now expelled teenagers, who somehow love the culture and not the people; I’ve got a pop quiz for you. Name the movie this line comes from: “how the hell you gonna get fired on your day off?”

Don’t know? That’s okay, but I have another question…..How the hell you gonna get expelled when you’re at home, distance learning?

This is how.


When JanayB isn’t posting memes, scrolling through “wokebook” posts, ordering food and otherwise being your typical millennial, you can find her here destroying white tears and basking in her unapologetic blackness. Get in touch with her at

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