Xenophobia and racism during a pandemic.

CV 19 Journal: Day 31 (I think….? I'm going off of my friend Marina's posts.) In spite of my efforts to stay home as much as possible, I had to go to my GP today for my annual check-up. I was going to cancel the appointment, but her office was like, "nope, you need to... Continue Reading →

Let’s talk about sex…and race.

TW: We’re sex-positive, support sex workers and are pro-get yours 'round these parts, k? This blog post is probably NSFW. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya.   Every so often I stumble upon a topic, study or what have you that I find interesting, and that will lead me down the rabbit hole of research,... Continue Reading →

A win we all could feel

For the first time ever, Black women hold the titles for Miss Universe, Miss USA, Miss America, Miss International Queen and Miss Teen USA and Black folks across the diaspora have been celebrating this show of Black girl magic en masse.  Not only are Black women (of all shades)killing it in general, but non-ambiguous, dark-skinned... Continue Reading →

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