A universal language.

Can you guess what we’re talking about today, based on these things that happened in the last few weeks? I was told for the 10,000th time that I was “pretty for a dark-skinned girl.”People ran wild with disparaging remarks about the looks/hair/skin color of the Black women who have been EATING during the Olympic trials.I... Continue Reading →

A bunch of nothing.

Juneteenth is a federal holiday now, and I have mixed emotions.  Last year, I talked about how Juneteenth is Black people’s 4th of July. How we enjoy the day off on the 4th, but we aren’t actually celebrating. What would WE be celebrating exactly, since we weren't free?  I said that it should be a... Continue Reading →


Everyone is talking about Meghan Markle. Personally, I'm enjoying the commentary from Black Twitter, happy to see the Monarchy and its racism getting exposed, and laughing giddily at the thought of the Monarchy possibly being "canceled," due to Oprah and 'em. But that's it, I'm not invested in it past that. Though I think that this... Continue Reading →

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